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L'ANZA Hair Healing: The Science

At L'ANZA, we use the latest technology available to keep our product performance ahead of the rest and deliver the strongest, healthiest hair possible.

Lanza Model

Seeing that the hair is under constant attack from the environment and more chemical-processing than ever before, L'ANZA understands that hair needs to be strengthened and fortified to remain strong and healthy. L'ANZA therapeutic formulas and advanced healing technologies target the causes of hair damage for specific hair types to heal, seal and protect the hair.

Classic Healing products benefit from L'ANZA's unique Keratin Bond System that takes the same proteins that are found in human hair, combined with moisturizers and luxurious, botanical ingredients to put back into the hair what is lost through today's harsh environment.

For total luxury, choose L'ANZA's Advanced Healing products which boast the best possible scientific technology. The Advanced Healing System takes the Keratin Healing System one step further with Nano Science to deliver ingredients deeper than ever before into the hair, giving a more intense, longer lasting effect. Plus, these products contain 3 sunscreens (ageing, burning and cancer) UVA, UVB, UVC and are sulphate free, which means that cleansers are extra gentle on the hair, for extra protection against colour fading and scalp irritation.

L'ANZA leads the way with healing technology.

Healing Color ®

L'ANZA is the only brand able to heal the hair through the Keratin Healing System, Triple UV protection, Nano science delivery, Sulphate-Free Shampoos, and the Flower Shield Complex ®.

L'ANZA's Keratin Bond System and Keratin Healing System creates hair that is stronger, shinier, smoother and more resilient. Using a unique base of Keratin Amino Acids, Meadow foam Flower Seed Complex and Moisture Retain Complex, L'ANZA products work to add extra moisture to the hair, or replenish it with the protein and strength that it needs to prosper with full health and shine.

Most recently, we introduced the Advanced Healing Collection with the Keratin Healing System, which has increased amounts of Keratin Amino Acids and Healing Actives. Also incorporated into this unique collection is a triple UV protection (UVA, UVB, UVC), Nano Science delivery system, and Sulphate-Free Shampoos. L'ANZA's Advanced Healing Collection delivers the highest performance cutting-edge formulations and the latest technology possible.

Our Healing Haircolor range is an extraordinary colour that uses the same proven technology from our Healing Haircare ® to provide unsurpassed colour depth, richness, vibrancy, and the longest lasting colour possible. The Color Attachment Technology contains the Keratin Healing System and Flower Shield Complex ® in the Haircolour, Cream Developers, and Decolorizer, delivering colour true-to-tone and level. L'ANZA Healing Haircolor can be formulated for Permanent, Demi Permanent, and Translucent Colour, creating an exceptionally good value, versatile colour line.

Before & After L'ANZA Hair Product Application

Forget frizz and fly-aways!!

L'ANZA's legendary Keratin Healing Technology combines with the Phyto IV Complex from the Keratin Healing Oil range to combat frizz and prevent brushing damage for super-sleek, smooth hair!...

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