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Colour Protection

At L'ANZA, we use unique technology to lock in colour pigments and prevent colour fadeage. L'ANZA Healing Colorcare ® products provide extra colour protection thanks to our exclusive Flower Shield Complex ® system – and hair colour lasts up to 107% longer.

Flower Shield Complex ®

The Flower Shield Complex ® is a specialized blend of flower extracts designed to shield hair and prevent fadeage of colour. L'ANZA Healing Colorcare ® formulations contain the same potent anti-fade protectors that flowers use for their own colour protection.

The exclusive compounds are taken from Echinacea, Cornflower, Green Orchid, Rose, Calendula, Hibiscus and White Gardenia. These flowers were chosen because they contain special ingredients to protect colours in specific UV wavelengths.

Colour Protection Chart

The result: hair colour stays true and radiant longer – even the brightest reds. Independent studies have shown that the Flower Shield Complex ®, along with the L'ANZA sulphate-free shampoo and healing properties, will extend colour life up to 107% longer.

Before & After L'ANZA Hair Product Application

Forget frizz and fly-aways!!

L'ANZA's legendary Keratin Healing Technology combines with the Phyto IV Complex from the Keratin Healing Oil range to combat frizz and prevent brushing damage for super-sleek, smooth hair!...

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