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The L'ANZA Vision

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The L'ANZA Vision: Healing Haircare ®

  • Heals: Repairs damage
  • Seals: Locks in proteins, minerals, moisture and hair colour
  • Protects: Guards against damage from the environment, sun rays, & hot tools

The hair is under constant attack from the environment. Plus, more and more people chemically process their hair. Thus, the hair needs to be strengthened and fortified to defend itself from the harsh aggressors it is exposed to daily. All L'ANZA therapeutic formulations address the cause of damaged hair and not just the symptoms. Our Healing Hair Care products strengthen the hair to withstand the stresses of daily living. L'ANZA not only makes your hair look younger, but it actually heals and strengthens the hair for lasting health and beauty.

Hair is under constant attack from your surroundings!

Hair Care - Damaged Hair Before Lanza Treatment
  • Blow Drying
  • Hot Tools
  • Pollutants
  • Exposure to Sun and Environment
  • Hard Water
  • Chemical Processing
  • Poor quality haircare products

This unavoidable environmental damage depletes moisture, protein, and minerals from your hair, so these need replacing to keep your hair looking its best.

Damaged Hair

Before Lanza Hair Care
  • Lacks shine and body
  • Feels dry and rough
  • Unmanageable and hard to style
  • Breaks and tangles easily
  • Hair colour looks dull, uneven & fades quickly

Healed Hair

After Lanza Hair Care
  • Has shine and body
  • Feels silky and smooth
  • Manageable, easy to style, and holds curl
  • Has strength and elasticity
  • Hair colour is even, vibrant, & lasts longer

Before & After L'ANZA Hair Product Application

Forget frizz and fly-aways!!

L'ANZA's legendary Keratin Healing Technology combines with the Phyto IV Complex from the Keratin Healing Oil range to combat frizz and prevent brushing damage for super-sleek, smooth hair!...

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