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L'ANZA Ultimate Treatment ®

L'ANZA Ultimate TreatmentUltimate Treatment

The L'ANZA Ultimate Treatment ® is the only 3-step customized healing service that can be done at the back bar prior to cut, colour, perm or straightening services. The key is the Power Boosters that allow you to customize services based on your client's hair type, condition, or desired service.

  • 3-Step In-Salon Customized Healing Service takes only 5-10 minutes.
  • Unique Service allows personalized treatments for specific hair type, condition or desired service.
  • Increases Salon Revenue, both Services & Retail Sales.

Chelating Shampoo

Chelating Shampoo

  • Removes hard water minerals, chlorine, metallic build-up, and other impurities.
  • Very gentle, colour-safe formula is Sulfate-Free. Contains natural Gugo Bark to create rich lather.
  • This chelating agent is Phytic Acid derived from organic rice instead of EDTA, which means it is effective, yet mild and safe for colour-treated hair.
Deep Treatment

Deep Treatment

  • Nutrient infuser restores essential protein, moisture and minerals to hair.
  • Designed especially to be used in conjunction with the Power Boosters.
  • High-tech delivery system transports healing actives deep into hair.
Strength Power Booster

Strength Power Booster

  • For weak, fragile, brittle hair.
  • Contains a super-charged dose of proteins and amino acids to boost strength and reduce hair breakage.
Moisture Power Booster

Moisture Power Booster

  • For dry, rough, moisture-depleted hair.
  • Infuses hair with abundant humectants, emollients, lipids and essential fatty acids to improve softness and shine.
Volume Power Booster

Volume Power Booster

  • For fine, thin hair.
  • Delivers potent vitamins and minerals to thicken each hair strand and build volume from the inside out. Instantly boosts structural rigidity to give hair lift and support.
Power Protector

Power Protector

  • This final step effectively locks in nutrients.
  • Rebalances pH level.
  • Protects from damaging elements, including heat, chemicals, friction, and pollution.

Before & After L'ANZA Hair Product Application

Forget frizz and fly-aways!!

L'ANZA's legendary Keratin Healing Technology combines with the Phyto IV Complex from the Keratin Healing Oil range to combat frizz and prevent brushing damage for super-sleek, smooth hair!...

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